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2009 Conference: Integral to Student Success
Integral to Student Success

Thurs., August 6, 2009

Math Lab Facilities Pictures
Breakout Session 1
Marketing to Family and Students
Dr. Mark Rokhfeld, Barry University, FL
Breakout Session 2
Online Tutoring as a Supplemental Service
Ms. Amy McDiffett, Miami University Middletown, OH
Breakout Session 3
Graphing Calculator Rentals
Mr. John Holm, Wright State University, OH
Breakout Session 4
Accutrak: Optimizing & Automating Center & Services Data
ModuMath: Make Math "Add Up" for the Adult Learner

Friday, August 7, 2009

Breakout Session 5

Math Anxiety Attitudes
Ms. Beth Wells, Northern Kentuky University, KY
Breakout Session 6
MathServ - Connecting Resources
Ms. Patrice Conrath, Bethel University, MN

Breakout Session 7

Program Evaluation for Math Tutoring Centers: A Nicety or Necessity?
Michelle Heckman, Bowling Green State University, OH

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