2005 to Present

Name Major Year Job Title Description
Grace Ford MathEd 2021 Teacher I will be teaching 8th grade Algebra at Jackson Middle School and coaching lacrosse along side teaching in the spring at Maple Grove High School.
Joshua Halverson CS and Applied Physics 2021 Data Analyst I am currently a data analyst at FirstService Residential. My main project is to create an automated (live) dashboard in Power BI that measures company performance. The job involves a lot of SQL, Python, Excel, and APIs. Bethel did a good job preparing me for the workforce!
John McCauley Math and Physics 2021 Graduate Student I am starting a PhD program in optical sciences at the University of Arizona. As part of this program, I will conduct research with an atomic, molecular, and optical physics group that specializes in ultrafast optics.
Joseph Mueller MathEd 2021 Assistant Athletic Communications Director I am currently the Assistant Athletic Communications Director at Winona State University and pursuing a masters degree in Sports Management.
James Seibel CS 2021 Software Developer I started a software development job in May for a Minneapolis company named Vertical Systems. Specifically I have been doing web development to display database information for warehouses.
Carter Woetzel CS and Finance 2021 Founder, Lead Researcher, PM I am the founder of Secure Secrets, a blockchain start-up focused on payment and transaction processing. Additionally, we run a software engineering branch focused on decentralized finance technologies. Currently ~8 people are a part of Secure Secrets (3 of which are Bethel grads). We focus on building products such as synthetic assets, stablecoins, lending platforms, and decentralized exchanges. Additionally, I also work at a 501-3c non-profit called the Secret Foundation as the head of marketing and community growth - the Secret Foundation is dedicated to funding and growing decentralized privacy-preserving technologies. Privacy is a human right.
Blake Burgstahler Physics and Mathematics 2020 Graduate Student and Research Scholar This summer I was an AFRL Research Scholar through the Universities Space Research Association partnership with the Air Force Research Labs.  My project was entitled "Operations Research for Command and Control Decisions" and focused on variations on vehicle routing problems with a focus on the synchronization of events within these problems.  This fall I will be pursuing a MS in Applied Mathematics at the University of Washington (Seattle, WA) and hope to continue on to a PhD program in the future.
Matt Barton CS 2020 Engineering Analyst I currently work at Securian Financial as an Engineering Analyst (Application Developer) for an internal website. It is a lot of java and a lot of web development.
Kallai Hokanson Physics and CS 2020 Graduate Student Next fall, I will be attending UC Berkeley for a master's degree in Bioengineering.
Caleb Larson CS 2019 Network Engineer I am working as a network engineer at Thrivent Financial. I provide support for the enterprise security tools such as the firewall and web filter.
Megan Lahm CS 2019 Software Engineer Currently working as a software engineer at a consulting firm, Daugherty Business solutions, learning a variety of tech stacks, per different clients.
Aaron Coe Physics and CS 2019 Graduate Student I am a graduate student at Harvard University, pursuing a PhD in physics. My research will be performed in the field of condensed matter physics, utilizing scanning probe microscopy to discover the properties of novel materials.
Jana Roste Math Ed 2019 Graduate Student I am in graduate school at Taylor University for a degree in Higher Education. While receiving my masters, I am a hall director for one of their on-campus dorms. 
Kirsten Tetzlaff Math Ed and Math 2019 Math/CS teacher I am teaching math and computer science courses at Minnetonka Middle School East.
Jordan Jasik Math Ed and CS 2019 Web Developer I'm currently working for ITS at Bethel as a Web Developer, working with a variety of programming languages and packages to make and maintain websites to serve the Bethel community.
Madison Andrews Math Ed 2019 Middle School teacher I am teaching math and living in Mexico for the year at a home for orphaned and abandoned through an organization called Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos. I will be teaching middle school math in Spanish.
Lexi Hinsverk Math 2019 Data Analyst I’m a data analyst at Spire Credit Union. I work mostly with Power BI and SQL.
Elise Courtemanche Math 2018 Data Scientist/Math Researcher I am now working as a data scientist/math researcher at Boonlogic. I actually work with Mathematica the majority of the time for the visualization aspect but I get to do some programming in other languages too. My job is mostly statistics and trying to discover new patterns in the data.
Greta Knefelkamp Math & Applied Physics 2018 Software Engineer I started a position as a software engineer at Hennepin Healthcare Research Institute this month. I’m working on a team developing a simulation program in C#.
Carrie Bell Math 2018 Researcher In September I will begin a position as a post-bacchelorate researcher in a neuroscience lab at the University of Minnesota.
Michael Fontaine CS 2018 Application Developer I am working at Securian Financial as an Applications Developer. I am primarily working in Java using the Spring framework for web and database applications. 
Kayla Hewitt Math Ed 2018 Teacher I will teach ninth grade Algebra at Blaine High School.
Jonathan Jarl CS 2018 Software Developer I am a Software Developer at Travelers and I am working in VB and javascript on claim's legacy web application.
Caleb Shea CS 2018 Software Test Engineer I am a Software Test Engineer at C.H. Robinson in Eden Prairie, MN and I plan to start a part-time MA in Systematic Theology.
Max Werner Math & Physics 2018 Graduate student I am graduate student at the University of British Columbia, pursuing a PhD in physics. My research will deal with spectroscopy and laser physics.
Victoria Bauers Math Ed & French Ed 2017 Teacher I will be working at Spring Lake Park High School teaching Geometry and Algebra 2.
Andrew Cordell Mathematics 2017 Actuarial Assistant I'm working as an Actuarial Assistant at Securian Financial Group and beginning to study for the exams.
Joseph Merboth CS 2017 Front-end Developer I am currently working as a Front-End Developer at Open Systems International in Medina, MN. My job entails a bit of Java, some CSS to style things up, and lots of JavaScript.
Miranda Middendorf Mathematics 2017 Technical Problem Solver I am currently working as a Technical Problem Solver (TS) at Epic, a worldwide leader in the development of software for healthcare organizations. As a TS, I work with clients as their technical expert as they refine the system to improve efficiency for clinicians and outcomes for patients.
Travis Payne CS 2017 Implementation Specialist I will be responsible for working on our Advantages level projects, assisting with the installation and configuration of Versus’ software applications at customer locations and working on Change Orders with our System Integrator partners and customers. Versus Technology provides a Real Time Locating System (RTLS) in healthcare locations. www.versustech.com
Stephen Tetzlaff CS 2017 Software Developer I'm currently working as a software developer at Deluxe Corp. in Shoreview.
Travis Walls Math Ed 2017 Teacher I am going to be teaching Intermediate Algebra for 7th graders at Jackson Middle School in the Anoka-Hennepin School District.
John Eischens Mathematics 2016 Application Developer I'm currently working at Securian Financial Group in St. Paul as an Application Developer.
Emma Hunt (Kallman) CS 2016 IT Developer I work at Deluxe Corp as an IT developer advancing their IT systems through automation and integrating various tools across the company.
Ryan Hunt CS 2016 Software Engineering I'm a software engineer at Mozilla working on the graphics engine that powers Firefox. I started as an intern after graduating in Mountain View CA, and now work full time remote in the Twin Cities.
Erik Dalin CS 2015 Database Administrator I'm currently working at Seagate Technology in Bloomington as a Database Administrator.
Mark Engstrom CS 2015 Software Engineer I'm working at General Dynamics Mission Systems in Bloomington, MN as a Software Engineer.
Dave Kilgore Math Ed 2015 Teacher I will be teaching Geometry and Trigonometry at Buffalo High School.
Sylvia Lease Math 2015 Account Analyst I'm currently working at U.S. Energy Services as an Account Analyst. I work with a group of account managers by providing research, analysis, and administrative support related to the natural gas and electric needs of our clients.
Michael McNaughton Math Ed and Spanish Ed 2015 Teacher I will be teaching Pre-Algebra and Algebra 1 at Lakes International Language Academy in Forest Lake this upcoming school year!
Tony Nettleton Math 2015 Catastrophe Risk Analyst My job title is "Catastrophe Risk Analyst" at Aon in Minneapolis. In my role at the company, I model the insurance losses from various catastrophes (hurricanes, terrorist attacks, tornadoes, etc) and use the data to advise various insurance companies on how much reinsurance they should purchase in order to maximize their profit from the optimal amount of risk transfer.
Brandon RichardWebster CS 2015 Graduate Research Assistant Pursuing a PhD at the University of Notre Dame in Machine Learning and Computer Vision with emphasis on Neuroscience inspired algorithms. My current project (and will be for 5 years of funding) is through an Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA) sponsored by Office of the Director of National Intelligence (Head of all US intelligence). The project link is http://www.iarpa.gov/index.php/research-programs/microns/microns-baa .
Caleb Schwarze CS 2015 Web Developer I'm currently working at Bethel as a Web Developer. My job is to help develop and upkeep Bethel's applications and web pages.
Alyssa Solberg Math Ed 2015 Teacher I am teaching 6th grade math at Princeton Middle School and will also be coaching middle school volleyball.
Joseph Drechsel CS 2014 IT Architect I'm currently working at Travelers Insurance in St. Paul. I'm placed on a team of IT Architects where I'm working on Java Application Development and Enterprise Standardization.
Elizabeth LeGrand CS and Spanish 2014 Technology Consulting Associate After spending next Fall in Spain, I will join the advisory division of PwC as a Technology Consulting Associate.
Greta Bergman Math and Spanish Education 2013 Teacher This is my 3rd year teaching in a 6-12 middle school/high school building in Royalton, MN. In addition to teaching 6th grade math all 3 years, I have also taught a variety of high school classes including Algebra 2, Geometry, a remedial algebra class, and a couple high school elective classes. This fall I will be starting a Masters in Education program through Southwest Minnesota State, and I am also part of a group of teachers initiating a Targeted Services program which will provide additional support outside of a regular school day to middle school students in math and reading.
Curtis Heyda Math and Physics 2013 Graduate Student Pursing a PhD in Mathematics at the University of Minnesota. I take advanced math courses during the school year while TAing for different math courses. This semester I am TAing for Calc 1 CSE (which focuses on teaching for science/engineering majors). This previous summer I was the instructor for Calc 1 at the University of Minnesota.
Belle Hodgson Math Ed 2013 Teacher I will be co-teaching 6th grade and 7th grade math at St. Anthony New Brighton Middle School.
Scotti Moats Math 2013 Administrative Assistant and Graduate Student I will be working at Crown College as the Administrative Assistant for the Teacher Education Department. I will also be attending the University of Minnesota as a graduate student. I am planning on getting my MA in Educational Policy and Administration in Higher Education.
Joel Reis Computer Science 2013 Jr. Web/Mobile Developer I will be continuing my work at TIES (TIES is an educational non-profit that develops Student Information Systems for K-12 (mainly public) school systems). I will be building cross-platform mobile applications using PhoneGap and reactive web-apps using the new Meteor Framework for JavaScript.
Michael Tetzlaff Computer Science 2013 Graduate Student I have been accepted into the Computer Science Ph.D. program at the university of Minnesota and currently have a research assistantship with Dr. Gary Meyer in computer graphics.
Zach Treptau Computer Science 2013 Programmer / Analyst I am working at Rice Memorial Hospital in Willmar, MN. My main role is developing Epic reports for the different departments in the hospital. The database I'm working with contains over 15,000 tables so the learning never really stops. I also develop in-house software when needed.
Jed Carlson Mathematics 2012 Grad Student I will be pursuing a PhD in Biostatistics at the University of Michigan, with an emphasis on statistical genetics (http://csg.sph.umich.edu/).
Emma Cotner Math Education 2012 Teacher I am teaching high school math at New Heights School in Stillwater, MN.
Laura Gaalswyk Math 2012 Compensation Analyst I work for McLagan, a consulting firm in Bloomington. I participate in client engagements, I research and analyze executive and director compensation from public financial institutions for use in client projects, and I identify executive and board compensation trends for use in client engagements, articles and presentations.
Ryan Jans Math Ed 2012 Teacher I am teaching high school math at Mountain Lake Public School, in Mountain Lake, MN. I am currently teaching Algebra I, Algebra II, and senior level math which is a combination of Algebra and Trigonometry.
Kayse (Lee) Maass Math and Physics 2012 Graduate Student I am pursuing a PhD in Industrial and Operations Engineering at the University of Michigan. My initial emphasis is in Operations Research and Healthcare.
Hannah Osborne Math 2012 Associate Optimization Analyst I am an associate optimization analyst at Clario Analytics (clarioanalytics.com). Our company helps marketing organizations make better decisions when it comes to customer interactions. My role is to support clients using our marketing contact optimization software and services, work with configuring data, run optimization scenarios, and generate reports.
Lauren Otto Math and Physics 2012 Graduate Student Summer 2012: International Research Experience for Undergraduates (I still qualify even though I graduated) through the National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network. Working at the National Institute for Material Science in Tsukuba, Japan. I am studying quantum well solar cells. Fall 2012: Entering a PhD program in Electrical Engineering at the University of Minnesota. Working with Prof. Sang-Hyun Oh's nano-bio (nanobio.umn.edu) group studying plasmonics. Recipient of the College of Science and Engineering Fellowship. I have a blog for those interested: lmotto.wordpress.com
Jennifer Schommer Math and Physics 2012 Associate Research Scientist Invenshure was formed in 2011 to identify, incubate, fund and grow emerging technology companies. We focus primarily on platform technologies and medical devices/imaging. I specifically help to discover, evaluate, implement and develop technologies from research universities or other laboratories.
Robert Upcraft Computer Science 2012 Software Developer I am a software developer for Securian in St. Paul. I will be developing internal applications for data extraction and transformation.
Brock Beithon Math Education 2011 Teacher I am teaching Geometry and Algebra 1 at North High School in North St. Paul.
Laurel Bestland Math and Physics 2011 Compliance Engineer I am starting a job as a Compliance Engineer at Detector Electronics. "Detector Electronics Corporation, a UTC Fire and Security Company, is a global leader in industrial hazard safety solutions, providing flame detection, gas detection, and hazard mitigation systems for critical industrial applications." www.det-tronics.com
Michael Floren Math and Math Education 2011 Graduate Student I have a PhD in Applied Statistics and Research Methods from the University of Northern Colorado and am Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Misericordia University, getting their new statistics degree going. I have the "honor" of being the program chair of the one-faculty statistics program.
Mathias Gibbens Computer Science 2011 Graduate Student I am attending the University of Arizona in Tucson, pursuing a PhD in Computer Science, with an initial emphasis in Operating Systems or Programming Languages.
Megan Hall Math Education 2011 Teacher I am teaching 8th grade Algebra at Shakopee Junior High in Shakopee, MN.
Sarah LeVahn Math Education and Elementary Education 2011 Teacher I am teaching 6th grade math at Central Middle School in White Bear Lake, MN.
Elizabeth McPhearson Math Education 2011 Teacher I am teaching 5-8 math and 6-8 computer/keyboard skills at Christian Heritage Academy in Rosemount, MN.
Justin Palmer Computer Science 2011 Associate Software Developer I have a job at Magenic, a technology consulting company, as an Associate Software Developer. Since then I've been getting training mainly in Javascript frameworks like jQuery, jQueryUI, and Knockout.js. The project I'll be working on is based on those. I've learned several other helpful programming technologies as well, and it's been exciting to see the how they are being put to use. It’s a great job with incredible benefits and an excellent starting salary. It makes me very grateful to have received such a solid education at Bethel, and I’m extremely thankful to my professors.
Janessa Vos Math Education 2011 Teacher I am teaching Geometry and Probability and Statistics at Blaine High School in Blaine, MN.
Kyle Wahlund Math Education 2011 Teacher I am teaching 8th grade Algebra and Honors Algebra at Dakota Hills Middle School in Eagan, MN.
Michael Eastes Computer Science 2010 Development Programmer I work at LSS Data Systems. Our primary product is a patient record keeping application for medical clinics.
Brandon Fosso Math and Physics 2010 Graduate student I have joined the Condensed Matter Physics group at the University of Minnesota with the intent to experimentally study the growing field of Spintronics.
Megan Hawley Math and French 2010 Operations Researcher I work at Target Corporation as an Analyst on a Merchandising Research and Development team.
Andrew Reid Math and Physics 2010 Student I will attend a 1-year bible school program at Bodenseehof Bible School in Germany, starting Fall 2011. I am applying to physics graduate programs and applied math programs for Fall 2012.
Emily Reis Math Education 2010 Teacher I will be teaching Algebra I and Algebra II in the high school at Rosslyn Academy in Nairobi, Kenya. Rosslyn is a K-12 international Christian school with classes taught in English.
Jonathan Seaberg Math and Spanish 2010 Actuarial Analyst I taught high school math for three years at the Lincoln School, a bilingual school in Guadalajara Mexico. Now I am employed at Securian Financial in St. Paul where I am an Actuarial Senior Manager.
Ryan Flannery Computer Science 2009 Owner I started Brighter Computer Solutions. We currently do IT and helpdesk type work, and plan to expand to include software development in the future.
Steve Hill Computer Science 2009 Associate Software Engineer I work on a product called "Windchill" at Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC)
Amy Lyon Math 2009 Relationship Services Specialist I work for a company called CoBank Farm Credit Leasing. I prepare the documents to lease out farm equipment to our customers.
Paul Osborne Computer Science 2009 Software Engineer I work at Spectrum Design Solutions as a software engineer in our systems/software group. Customers come to us and we help them put together requirements for their project and then do the work to make their visions become a reality. My day-to-day work varies but is centered around low-power wireless sensor networks and automotive applications. Most of my development is done in Python or C, with some Java/C++/C#.
Kyle Ronning Computer Science 2009 Software Engineer I work at Infinite Campus www.infinitecampus.com
Zachary Varberg Computer Science 2009 Software Developer, Graduate Student Infinite Campus works with student information systems, which is the attendance, grading, etc, software for K-12 public schools. I will also be starting a PhD in CS at U of MN in the Fall of 2010
Jessica Cabak Math Education 2008 School Administrator and Graduate Student This is my 7th year working at John Glenn Middle School. Currently I serve as a Dean of Students. Last year I was a part-time Instructional Coach, part-time math teacher. For the first five years I taught mainly 8th grade math (Regular and Accelerated). Some of the leadership roles I have been privileged to fill include Department Chair, Grade Level Team Leader, Professional Learning Teacher Leader, MathCorps Internal Coach and Subject Area Committee Co-Chair. In August of 2012 I completed my MSE - Mathematics Education from the University of Wisconsin - River Falls. I started the Educational Leadership program at Bethel in Fall 2013. I will complete my K-12 Principal's license in Summer 2015 and hopefully my Ed. D. in Spring 2017.
Stephen Goff Computer Science 2008 Web Developer I work at Discover Card. I'm now working for Discover Financial Services back home in IL.  I'm on one of teams responsible for the website. That involves anything from html and javascript to J2EE development. The major also allows me to do freelance web work on the side.
Jordan Luhman Math 2008 Actuary Analyst My position is at UnitedHealthcare which is part of UnitedHealth Group. I work in the medicare division with their pricing model.
Christopher Montgemery Computer Science 2008 Software Engineer I work at PTC. On a daily basis I work with the java language, junit testing and the ant build framework. We do test driven development and design, along with using the scrum development process. Many of the skills I learned in school I apply directly to my work each day--coding experience as well as team work and communication.
Liz Pletscher Computer Science 2008 Software Engineer I work at Infinite Campus. www.infinitecampus.com
Nathan Porter Math Education 2008 Teacher and coach I work at Fridley High School. I taught 9th grade Geometry and 11th integrated math during the 2008-09 school year. This year I will continue to teach 9th grade Geometry but now will be teaching an International Baccalaureate class that is a part of our school's Diploma Programme. The class it called Math Studies. It's a rather rigorous two year course that covers materials from several different topics. I was required to attend training conferences to teach the class (paid for by Fridley). I went to Dallas last October and Houston last March. Attending these training sessions allowed me to collaborate with some of the best math teachers from all over the country. My current teaching job has also allowed me to begin my coaching career. (To me this is one of the best parts of teaching as it allows me to balance my time between academics and athletics). I am an assistant football coach. I coach the wide receivers on our varsity and JV teams and I am the co-head track and field coach. The thing I like best about my degree is the versatility. My secondary math ed. degree gives me many paths to pursue. I can continue teaching, go to grad school, become an administrator, go into full time coaching, teach abroad, or any avenue that involves working with young people.
Liz Gilbert (O'Connor) Math Education 2007 Teacher I teach Algebra and Geometry at Central Davidson HS in Lexington, NC.
Amy Peterson (Stebel) Math 2007 Grad Student M.S. at UMN in Industrial and Systems Engineering. Currently looking for a job related to Operations Research.
Kelly Tommerdahl (Kirkwood) Math Education 2007 Teacher I completed my Masters in Teaching and Learning from St. Mary's in spring 09. Now I'm teaching freshman Algebra I at Apple Valley High School, (also have taught Geometry and Algebra II), am teaching my 3rd year of summer school, Completed my Masters in Teaching and Learning from St. Mary's in spring 09, wrote and received a grant from Tosheba America Fund for $2000 to buy a set of clickers (personal response system), and LOVING what I do.
Shalanah Backus Math Education 2006 Teacher I teach Art at Waconia High School in Waconia, MN. I graduated in 2007 with Math 5-12 and Art K-12 Education degrees. Before I started teaching art, I was an in demand substitute teacher because of my math degree. In my free time, I enjoy freelance graphic and web design and credit this career path to my Math/CS background.
Mark Herscher Computer Science 2006 Software Engineer I work for Logic (www.logicpd.com). I help develop products for other companies.
Jonathan Hill Math 2006 Ministry Worker I work in full-time collegiate ministry with the Navigators at NW Missouri State, now U of M. My dream is to start grad school in Applied Math in fall 2010.
Matthew Knutson Computer Science 2006 Senior Software Engineer I work in the Design Services department at Logic PD (www.logicpd.com), where we develop new devices for use in medical, industrial, military, and consumer settings. It's a fast-paced environment where I am constantly learning new technologies, but I have great coworkers who are always willing to help. I find it incredibly satisfying to understand the low-level building blocks of computers. Recently, I've been writing software to capture and stream video on a number of devices with cameras.
Joel Stewart Computer Science 2006 Senior Lead Engineer I was a Multiplayer and Networking Engineer for Destineer Studios on the Video Game "Six Days in Fallujah" (June 06 to May 08), now Senior Lead Engineer for Electrotank, Inc. I develop large-scale online virtual worlds for clients, developing the core technology of the company's primary product line.
Jared Sturdy Math and Physics 2006 Grad Student I am working on Ph.D in High Energy Physics from the University of California, Riverside. I will be choosing a thesis related to some Supersymmetry analysis channel. I spend most of my time writing C++ code to analyze data and as we get data, I'll be using various statistical methods to make cuts and determine the parameters of my analysis.
Josh Widen Computer Science and Biology 2006 Software Engineer Currently I work at St. Jude's Medical. Right after graduation I started as a Software Engineer at a local videogame company called Destineer. I worked for about two years developing a proprietary multi-platform videogame engine (XBox360, PS3, and PC). Now I'm a Software Engineer at St. Jude Medical for a product called the EnSite System, which allows a doctor to map out the geometry and electrical signals of the heart. It gathers a lot of voltage and timing data and presents that information as several color-coded maps overlaying the the 3D visualization of the patient's heart. The main problem that we are attempting to allow the doctor's to diagnose and treat is atrial fibrillation.
Steven Yackel Computer Science 2006 Software Engineer I am currently employed at Microsoft, working in their St. Paul, Minnesota office on Blend for Visual Studio.
Adam Babcock Computer Science 2005 Software Engineer I work for a small software company that specializes in office management software for optometrists. We currently have roughly two dozen clients scattered around Minnesota. In addition, we are also developing a similar package for an office of hand surgeons in Connecticut.  The most interesting aspect of these software packages is interfacing with national standards for submitting medical claims electronically.
Tom Beukhof Math and Computer Science 2005 Senior Software Engineer I work at Thomson Reuters. I have been working on developing a web application in Java to replace legacy systems used by attorneys within the West part of Thomson (formerly West Publishing) for integrating new laws into their statutes and prepare for publishing to law books and WestLaw.com.
Jake Donatelle Computer Science 2005 Software Engineer / Supervisor I work at LSS Data Systems. I started out in a support programming role for the billing side of our product - working on troubleshooting our product, working with our end users, and writing small custom enhancements. About a year and a half ago I was promoted to the Supervisor of this group and have been doing that ever since. It is a great combo for me because I get to be 'techy' when I want to be, but also spend a lot of time working with people (running my team, working across departments, and working with our end-users).
Daniel Farmer Computer Science and Philosophy 2005 Graduate Student Worked as a programmer at LSS Data Systems in Eden Prairie for 2 years after graduation. Now working on his PhD in Philosophy at Marquette University. Hopes to teach at a university when finished.
Allison Kaatz (Shoger) Math Education 2005 Teacher After I graduated in 2005, I taught math for three years at Blaine High School in Blaine, MN. At BHS I taught mostly statistics and geometry, and also served on several committees (statistics curriculum writing committee, geometry common assessment committee, and the committee to start the Center for Engineering, Mathematics, and Science at BHS). I currently teach at La Crescent High School.
Karl Nelson Computer Science 2005 Production Management Scheduler I have been working at Securian since graduation. I work mainly with a job scheduling tool called ESP. I have had the opportunity to take training courses and become internally certified in project management. While this is a technical and not a "programming" job, many of the problem solving skills that were developed at Bethel have helped me in my current position.
Joe Stano Computer Science 2005 Web Developer I currently work for G & K Services on the Corporate IT team. I was hired as a Java EE Web Developer and I work on their e-commerce application. I previously worked as a Senior Software Engineer at PTC.
Jonathan Trites Computer Science 2005 Software Engineer I work for Siemens Energy. The part of the company I work in provides power control software for power companies, which is a type of SCADA software if you want a kind of buzzword for it. Explanation of SCADA.
Betsy Wall (Petersen) Computer Science 2005 Apple Technician and Administrator After graduating I worked in IT at Bethel. Currently my 'day job' is working for Breck School in Golden Valley as an Apple Technician. I'm also the administrator for a system called 'Power School' - which manages student demographic and grade information. My Computer Science knowledge has come in handy when doing student queries and customizing pages for the school. My other (and hopefully full time soon) job is a wedding photographer. I almost completed the art degree at Bethel - and finally found what I am meant to do! betsywall.com is my blog with some of my work. I may be a unique situation, but the computer science and art has actually worked well together. Digital photography is highly technical and it's definitely helped with learning the equipment, and being able to customize my own webpages and such.
Pete Wall Computer Science 2005 Software Developer I work at Symantec on a team typically of five to ten people daily, developing new code, fixing bugs, and working with other engineers. I could also be assisting our quality engineers with testing the product. The skills I learned at Bethel were greatly helpful in all aspects of my current job. It's an intense, but very rewarding career.
Phil Wicklund Computer Science 2005 Discipline Manager I currently manage the digital marketing technology team at RBA, Inc., a digital and technology consultancy. Since graduating I’ve written three books on collaboration and digital marketing technology solutions, and I’m currently pursuing a doctorate (Organizational Leadership) at the University of St. Thomas.
Matthew Zipf Computer Science 2005 Technical Support I do network troubleshooting with Enterprise Firewalls, mostly for large business and government.