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26Five lines above the Venn diagramsChange "The Venn diagrams have lead us" to "The Venn diagrams have led us"Eric Gossett  9-09-2013
114Phase 1, final rearranged equationq6 should be -q6Kayla Hewitt10-06-2014
123Example 3.30, line 6 "gcd(2,5) = 1" should be "gcd(3,5) = 1"Jason James  2-26-2014
143The Chess Board TheoremThe theorem was first proved by S. W. Golomb: Checker Boards and Polyominoes, The American Mathematical Monthly, Vol. 61, No. 10 (Dec., 1954), pp. 675-682Susan Montgomery10-21-2013
151Table 3.14row 6 col 1 should be 22; row 1 col 5 should be 16Kayse Lee  9-16-2012
174list line in Example 4.5change "steps 2a and 2b are" to "step 2a is"Eric Gossett10-03-2015
179Exercise 7 Change "between 71° and 90°F" to "over 70° and not over 90°"Curtis Heyda10-01-2012
179Example 4.10, line 1change "algorithm preemtive" to "algorithm preemptive"Caleb Knox11-02-2013
228The Mutually Exclusive Tasks Principle"decomposed into two mutually exclusive tasks" should be "accomplished by completing exactly one of two mutually exclusive tasks,"C. Pandu Rangan11-04-2017
238Exercise 28achange "10-key chords" to "10-key combinations"Anthony Colombo10-21-2013
2531 line above "The second enumeration"change "sum uses is" to "sum is"Dave Kilgore10-16-2012
255Theorem 5.19"For all positive integers n and r" should be "For all positive integers b and r"Ryan Hanson10-10-2017
353The n = 3 paragraphchange "peg 3" to "peg C"Madi Thull11-18-2016
362Footnote 35change "This idea is not a good, " to "This is not a good idea, "Ben Visness11-03-2014
372In step 3 of the box at the top of the pageδ2 is missing the subscriptJacob Heppner11-02-2014
4206 lines from the bottom(1 + z2 + x4 + ⋅⋅⋅) should be (1 + z2 + z4 + ⋅⋅⋅)Nathan Gossett10-28-2012
423Quick Check 8.1 #1change "Show the" to "Show that"Annie Melling11-11-2013
426OI CI ∅ "can be all be" should be "can all be"Bailey Middendorf12-07-2017
461Definition 8.33there should not be a space in front of the first comma in line 1Eric Gossett  9-16-2012
506First line after "Detour"change "m+1 ≤ k ≤ p" to "1 ≤ k ≤ p-m"Eric Gossett  4-13-2015
512Theorem 8.70change "exits" to "exists"Eric Gossett  9-16-2012
516Theorem 8.75, line 2The phrase "whenever the" should read "whenever |S| ≥ R(k1,k2,...,kn;m) and the"Eric Gossett  9-16-2012
518Exercise 21Should read "Prove R(m,k;m) ≥ k for k ≥ m ≥ 1"Isaac Livingston  9-16-2012
555line 5 after Definition 9.8change "the third assumption" to "the fourth assumption"Claire Cornell12-10-2015
566line 1 of Figure 9.14change ⟨\TITLE⟩ to ⟨/TITLE⟩Brandon RichardWebster11-12-2012
568Exercise 1should end with: "that only uses concatenation and the * operator."Eric Gossett11-16-2016
589third paragraph under "Turing Machines and Neural Nets"change "Pitts showed" to "Pitts asserted"Eric Gossett  9-16-2012
603Definition 10.7"we say the" should be "we say that"Daniel Moliter11-29-2017
604Definition 10.9change "The line graph GL is" to "The line graph GL, is"Caleb Knox11-21-2013
610Definition 10.14 Alternative Notation"a simple graph with loops" would be better as "a simple graph with loops inserted"Daniel Moliter12-07-2017
617Exercises 11 and 12The calculator or software comment in part (b) should be in part (a)Curtis Heyda11-27-2012
619footnote 10change "in not in" to "is not in"Dave Kilgore11-25-2012
626Exercise 16Although correct as stated, it will be easier for the reader to change "is seated next to at least one friend." to "has a friend seated on both sides."Nathan Gossett11-28-2012
633Exercise 20"if and only of" should be "if and only if"Ben Visness12-05-2014
656Table 10.6 caption"Djikstra's" should be "Dijkstra's"Nicolas Nytko  5-17-2017
676Definition 11.11, completeThe definition for a complete tree would be less ambiguous if it read "An m-ary tree of height h is called complete if it is a balanced tree having all levels filled except perhaps level h."Nathan Gossett12-07-2016
678The proof of Theorem 11.14Since i is already being used as the number of interior nodes, it is a poor choice for the summation index. Change the summation index to k.Liz LeGrand12-03-2012
690Exercise 4cchange "Bismark" to "Bismarck"Caleb Knox12-10-2013
A38Exercises 2.3.4, Exercise 9(a)Should be "A ∧ B ∧ C ∧ (Di ∨ Dii) ∧ E ∧ F"Ike Goetzman  9-09-2015
A42Exercises 2.6.2 exercise 2.(b)It would be better to designate the universe of discourse as P and write ∃ pP in the final expression.Curtis Heyda  9-16-2012
A53Exercises 5.3.3 #11Change "differ by 1 from its two neighbors" to "differ by 1 from at least one neighbor"Annie Melling10-29-2013
A6917 (b)"Three state are sufficient." should be "Three states are sufficient."Ben Visness11-17-2014

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