The QuineMcCluskey Applet

How to use the QuineMcCluskey Applet

Enter the number of variables

There is a small text field near the top of the window following the words "Enter number of variables". Enter the number of variables you would like to work with here. You should see the minterm table update automatically to reflect the number of variables you have entered.

Name your variables

On the left side of the window, you should see a table of minterms. Along the top of this table will be text fields that allow you to name your variables. You may use the default variable names provided, or you can type in your own variable names (multi-character names are permitted).

Choose your minterms

Near the left side of the minterm table, you should see a column of checkboxes. These checkboxes allow you to select which minterms you would like to include in your expression. As you check these boxes, you should see the output area on the right side of the window update with your chosen expression and a list of reduced expressions.

An example

To simplify y z + y z, first enter "2" for the number of variables. Note that the variable names default to "y" and "z" so there is no need to rename them. You now need to select the necessary minterms. For this example, y z is equivalent to the row "0 0", which is row 0. y z is equivalent to "0 1", which is row 1. After checking these two rows, you should see the desired expression appear in the results area on the right. It should tell you that y z + y z reduces to y. It should look like the image below: